About us


In addition to our translation services (several language combinations are possible), we also offer revision services - where the source text is compared with the target text - and proofreading services revision of the target text - as well as liaison interpreting - interpretation to small groups of individuals as opposed to conference interpretation.

Working fields in translation:

  • Technical: IT (software and equipment), construction, railways, automobile
  • Medical: clinical trials, medical reports, MA, medical devices
  • Legal: agreements, sales terms and conditions, real estate
  • General: web sites, press releases (tourism industry, local authorities), CVs
  • Business: brochures
Working fields in interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Trade show interpreting

We also provide sworn translation services, see the side bar.


Sworn translation 

  • English<> French
  • German<> French
  • Spanish <> French
  • Italian > French
  • Russian <> French
  • Ukrainian <> French
  • French > Romania